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SPARE ME - Entry #09

Author: Aisu
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Akame
Genre: AU, comedy, romance
Disclaimer: Story = mine. :]
Summary: Quiet studious Kame meets loud playboy Jin through a series of flirtatious encounters.
A/N: Inspired by a true story.

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ENTRY #09 // March 8th

It was an ordinary day just like any other...
Until this pretty boy walked into the room.


"Ne, Kame, did you do that blue sheet?"

Kame glanced across the room, a redundant action. He recognized Jin's voice instantly. Of course I did it, Kame silently said to himself, you wouldn't be asking if you thought otherwise.

Jin just wanted to copy; he asked if he could 'see' it.

"No you can't see it," Kame answered.


He wouldn't leave me alone after that.
For most of homeroom, he just hovered over my desk.
He really wanted my paper I guess...


"Why not? But you let me last time!" Jin whined. He had now relocated to Kame's side of the room and stood before his desk.

I really shouldn't have let him copy last time, Kame thought. Usually Kame didn't mind that sort of thing. Some people just forgot about their homework, or they really didn't have the time to finish it themselves. Jin kept coming back after the first time, however. Kame ignored him.

"Kame, you're making me sad. I'm going to go cut myself..." Jin pulled up his sleeve and Kame's glance involuntarily redirected itself to look over Pretty Boy's arm.


He actually had cuts!
But they weren't on his wrist.
They were on the side of your wrist where the veins aren't.
I don't know why he was showing them to me.
I don't know what he was trying to say, if anything.


"I got a concussion, too. Did you hear about that?" Jin asked.

Kame shook his head. "No," he replied, though he really had heard. Apparently it happened while Jin was out driving.

"Ne, Kame... do you hate me?" Jin stared expectantly, waiting for answer. The moment became unusually silent and Kame shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

"I don't even know you."

"Yeah you do, everyone knows me!"

Yeah, yeah, of course everyone knows you, Kame thought, you're Jin!

"I need to pass this class or my dad will-"

"That's nice," Kame interrupted. "Maybe you should have done your homework."


He was whining.
He said, "I diiiid! I did most of it!
There were just a few I couldn't find..."


Kame continued to find more interest in the top of his desk than in Jin, and because the latter found that none of his attempts were successful he decided to try once more.

"Here, just wait a sec, I'll go get it and show you!" Jin rushed to his seat, fetched his blue paper, then went straight back and placed it on Kame's desk. Kame still didn't let him copy, and Jin began to lose his determination. "Kaaaameeeee!"


He started whining my name again...
and then he...
slowly reached forward and...
He touched my hand.
He was cold.


Kame instantly drew back from the contact and kept his gaze down on his paper trying to focus on finishing the work from his other classes.

"Kaaaameeeeee! Don't ignore me!" Jin lowered his head to Kame's desk and looked up so the latter would see him.

Kame spared him a thoughtful glance and was puzzled to find such a somber expression. Jin was such a child. The way he persuaded people into giving him what he wanted was so elementary, yet it worked on almost anyone he tried it on.


He was giving me this sad look.
He had a pouty face.


What am I gonna do, Kame wondered. I tell him to go away, he says, "I'm not leaving." I ignore him, he starts whining my name, or, "Pleeeease! I won't bug you anymore! I won't bug you for the rest of the year," or, "It'd mean a lot to me!"

Apparently Jin's whining wasn't only just annoying Kame, however. One of the girls finally turned around. "Don't give it to him," she told Kame before facing Jin. "You had yesterday!"

"No I didn't! Shut up! I was busy," came Jin's 'witty' retort.

"If you were working on it now, you'd be done already," Kame said.

Jin just said, "What?" right afterwards like all he heard was 'done already' and that Kame would let him copy. Kame just repeated himself. Jin left.


But the fun didn't stop there.
He's in my first block too, remember?


The bell rang and everyone was seated waiting for class to start. Noda-sensei explained that there would be a review game in preparation for the test the next day, and therefore everyone needed to be split into groups.

Aya ended up in Jin's group, and Kame was paired up with Shin along with a couple others. The teacher didn't even bother collecting the blue sheet.

"Hah Kame! All that work for nothing." Jin smirked.

The review game consisted of the usual simple questions. Anyone could get them if they just read the assigned chapters. Kame almost always answered correctly, however today his memory failed him. When it was his turn to provide an answer, he replied with the wrong one.

"That's what you get!" Jin playfully snapped so the entire class could hear.

Surprisingly enough, Kame hadn't expected Jin to carry the morning's incident this far into the day. He turned around to face the other and caught Jin sticking his tongue out at him. It was so childish, Kame smiled to himself as he turned back around.

"I like Kame," Jin suddenly said.

Kame let this random comment go. After all, it was something typical of Jin. What Kame hadn't expected however was the comment that followed.

"He's pretty."


What a terrible reason to like someone.

A/N (Aisu): So I lied about posting to comms... XD
Tags: [a]isu, akame, au, multi-chaptered, spare me
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