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SPARE ME - Entry #10

Author: Aisu
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Akame
Genre: AU, comedy, romance
Disclaimer: Story = mine. :]
Summary: Quiet studious Kame meets loud playboy Jin through a series of flirtatious encounters.
A/N: Inspired by a true story.

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ENTRY #10 // March 13th

Jin story of the day.
Our homeroom teacher wasn't in, so the sub had to call out our names for attendance...


"Kamenashi Kazuya."

Kame raised a hand so he wouldn't be marked absent, but apparently his name attracted another's attention.

"Hey Kame." Jin waved.

I decided to be nice, so I waved back.
But then he said, "Hey,"
and I had to resort to staring down at my desk again.
Why must he engage in conversation?

But of course, looking down at my paper doesn't work anymore.
Because right after his, "Hey," I saw him walking across the room toward my desk.


"Ne, is that paper due today?"

"I don't know." I swear if he asks to copy and then starts whining again, I'm going to rip out his voice box, Kame thought.

"Because it says review..." Jin pointed to the board behind Kame where all their assignments were neatly written, implying that because it was a review day, they would be able to keep their homework from the day before to study from.

"She's probably going to go over it and not collect it then," Kame concluded.


"She's probably going to review it and not collect it then," Kame repeated himself.

"Okay then," Jin replied and walked back to his seat.

Wow, Kame thought, that was probably the most normal conversation I've ever shared with him. Ever. Maybe if he acted that way all the time, I'd have no trouble being friends with him.


But of course, there's first block.
Today, he just would not shut up.
I couldn't ignore him, because when I did, he became this motor mouth.
"Kame, Kame, Kame, Kame," etc.


"Kame, look at me," Jin commanded. His voice held a demanding tone; he sounded serious.

It was so funny, the way Jin had said it. Kame debated on whether or not he should finally give way to Jin's request. Since he was unable to achieve silence through disregarding Jin's constant calls however, he decided to give Pretty Boy a moment of attention. Jin's whining instantly came to a halt, now that he was content.


We sit with our backs facing the wall.
I always lean back on that wall.
The girl that sits between me and him, Aya,
she was leaning forward over her desk,
so Jin moved his head behind her back so he could see me.

I can't remember what he asked, but I said, "No," or something like that.
He made me repeat myself.
I guess he didn't hear the first time, so I said it louder the second time.
Whatever I said caused him to say, "Okay! Don't need to yell at me... Bipolar..."

Bipolar?! I didn't even yell, baka!

And then he started whining my name again.
You should hear him whine.


Kame couldn't help it anymore. He shifted forward in his seat and raised an arm to block his face off from Jin's view. Kame started laughing to himself, because Jin sounded so stupid. Jin remained leaning behind Aya, however. He kept his view of Kame's profile, whispering, "Kame, Kame, over here," because he wanted the boy to turn back around. Once he realized Kame had no intention of looking back again, Jin moved away from the wall and leaned forward as far as he could. He started whispering Kame's name over and over, repeatedly.

"KameKameKameKame," Jin rambled.

"What?!" Kame snapped, looking Jin full in the face. Kame wouldn't have minded leaving Jin sitting there calling uselessly, but he didn't want his classmates to have to endure the irate repetition of his name.

"Will you play a song for me?" Jin asked. "On your flute?"


"You do play the flute, right?"


Their dialogue overlapped. Jin barely left time for Kame to respond, which resulted in his own delayed reply to the, "No".

"But why?" Jin wondered. "Kame, I lo-"


Apparently something needed his attention right at that moment, because he just stopped mid-sentence for about ten seconds.
I couldn't believe what almost came out of his mouth.

But then he just resumed the conversation like he had never stopped talking.


"But Kameeee," Jin complained, "I love you."


Like I said, he can joke about anything.


Kame disregarded the comment and Jin stopped talking. He didn't whine or speak to anyone else. He didn't bother Aya or ask the teacher any pointless questions. It wasn't until the end of class that he talked again, and it was only to Kame.

"Hey Kame, you should play the piccolo."

"I do."

"Oh, you do? I thought you played the flute."

"I play both."

"Oh, well, do you have a Picardo piccolo? Isn't that a brand for piccolos? Do you even have one?"


"Oh, well... I saw it from American Pie."



A/N (Aisu): Well obviously American Pie is an American film & all, but I couldn't cut this part. xD

Meet Death is comin' along...
Tags: [a]isu, akame, au, multi-chaptered, spare me
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